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Anti Money Laundering Video Multimedia and e-Learning Training Materials

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If we do not have ready made training material which meets your requirements, we would be delighted to develop new multimedia, e-learning or video for you.

Benefits of a made-to-order package

  • Will meet your training objectives precisely
  • Staff identify immediately with material shot on your premises and covering issues of immediate relevance to their work
  • Our standard "buy out" contract may cost less than licensing an existing training package for all employees if yours is a large organisation
  • Possibility of recouping part or all of the investment if the package can be sold on to other financial organisations

How we go about things

In a typical multimedia production, the stages would be:

  • Briefing: you provide us with details of your objectives, your audience, the topics you want us to cover
  • Proposal: we develop a concept and present this to you, together with a detailed costing and production schedule
  • Scriptwriting: once you agree the concept, we write the script and provide a schematic to show the navigation and a storyboard to show the content of the pages
  • Production: video and/or photographic shoot, graphics, computer animation
  • Authoring: all assets are converted to digital format and the structure and interactivity programmed.  Where appropriate, we would use the same authoring language as used in any existing productions you may have, to simplify maintenance and updating.
  • Testing: both by ourselves and with your own test audience
  • Replication: copying, printing and packaging CD or DVD copies.

What to do next

If you would like to find out what we could produce for you and the likely cost, please e-mail a description of your project and we will come back to you with an outline proposal and ballpark costing, together with some samples of similar projects for other clients.

Remember we can offer:

  • interactive multimedia CD-ROM
  • video DVD
  • online e-learning to be distributed by intranet or internet
  • manuals, handouts and other support material


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