Company Information:

Enlightenment Interactive is the trading style of Niche Multimedia Publishing Ltd, a private limited company registered in England and Wales, no. 3248249.  Director: Adrian P Tayler.  Company Secretary: Christopher Forsyth.  Registered office: East End House, 24 Ennerdale, Skelmersdale WN8 6AJ.  VAT registration number: 249 4251 51.

Privacy Policy:

We do not use cookies or other technology to collect information about visitors to this site.  E-mail and other electronic marketing messages are only sent to visitors who request information.  We understand our use of personal data does not require us to register with the Data Protection Registrar, as it is used solely for our own marketing purposes and not divulged to any third party. 

Intellectual Property:

The content of this website is the copyright of Enlightenment Interactive ( Niche Multimedia Publishing Ltd), with the exception of any images or other material which may be licensed to us by a third party, in which case copyright remains with that party.  Every effort has been made to ensure that the contents of this website are accurate, but we cannot take liability for information sourced from third parties, either where contained in this site or where contained in other websites to which this site has a hypertext or other link.


All significant content in this site is text based, with the intention that it should be accessible to blind or partially sighted visitors by use of a text reader or similar device.  Where any part of this site proves not to be accessible, we would ask visitors to e-mail us, so that we can supply any information that cannot be read.

Terms and Conditions of Business:

Enlightenment Interactive (Niche Multimedia Publishing Ltd) is a producer of made-to-order multimedia and video material and also publisher and distributor of ready made multimedia, video and other training materials. 

Our terms of business for made-to-order productions may vary with the nature and content of the production, but the principal standard terms are that:

  • We reserve the right to charge for work in instalments, for example 30% with order, 30% on completion of filming, 40% on completion of the whole contract.
  • Should a client request additional services or content not in the original specification as agreed at the start of the contract, we reserve the right to charge for this additional work, but will if possible advise the client of any additional costs before these are incurred.
  • On completion of the contract and payment of all invoices by the client, copyright in the material will pass to the client, with the exception of material licensed to the production by a third party (eg. a music or photo library) or where the production is a joint venture between the producer and the client for the production of material to be sold to third party(s)
  • Every effort will be made to ensure accuracy of content by the producer, but the client must assume liability for any information, text, graphic, photographic, video or other material supplied by the client for use in the project, both in terms of accuracy and also the producerís right to include that material in the production. The client must take responsibility for approving the script and any other material supplied to him/her by the producer, and assume any liability to third parties that may result.  The client must also provide a responsible and suitably qualified person to oversee any video or photographic shoot or similar production process.
  • The producer accepts no liability for delays to the project caused by factors outside their control, including failure by the client or other parties to supply facilities or other resources when scheduled, or failure to approve script or other content when requested.
  • When and where the producer and their subcontractors, performers, etc. are working on a location provided by the client, the client must assume liability for their safety.

Our terms and conditions for the sale of ready-made materials are that:

  • Where materials have been supplied on approval or free trial, they may not be used for presentation or training purposes until the customer has purchased and paid for the materials.
  • Materials may not be loaned or sold on to third parties without the agreement of the producers.
  • Materials are not licensed for public showing unless otherwise agreed.
  • Materials may not be copied or distributed over a network, either in part or in their entirety, unless specifically permitted in any terms and conditions supplied with the materials. This condition applies to all intellectual content, whether text, graphic, photographic, video, music or other content.
  • Every effort will have been made to ensure the accuracy of content, but the training materials are intended as a general overview of a particular topic, and are not a substitute for expert professional advice.  They should be regarded as secondary to the client's company policy and also to legislation covering the particular topic. It is the customerís responsibility to ensure that the materials are appropriate and adequate for the use that the customer intends.

General Points Common to all Contracts

  • The contracts for all materials, goods or services provided by Enlightenment Interactive (Niche Multimedia Publishing Ltd) are made under the laws of England and Wales and any dispute shall be resolved through the courts of England and Wales and no other country or territory.
  • Multimedia material and other software will be checked with up-to-date anti-virus software, but can never be guaranteed to be 100% free of viral and other agents. Customers are strongly advised to virus check all materials before running them.
  • It is the customerís responsibility to see that the material is technically suitable for the equipment, network, software or other resource with which it is to be used, and in the case of a made-to-order project to provide the producer with a technical specification on which to base the production.

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