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Anti Money Laundering Video Multimedia and e-Learning Training Materials

building society anti money laundering training Building Societies Insurance Brokers' Version

This version of the Money Laundering multimedia is available both on CD-ROM and in an intranet version. 

The scenarios presented in this training package include:

  • capital flight by an agricultural firm in Zimbabwe
  • a property company with a portfolio of student houses
  • a German motor insurer specialising in bad risks
  • a Bulgarian wine growers mutual insurer
  • an African bush airline 
  • a firm which changes its fleet of expensive cars very frequently

    The user is put in the place of a broker who has taken over from Eric, a former colleague who has just taken early retirement.  The task is to explore each of these cases, examining documents and talking to clients and colleagues, to decide whether they should be reported to the MLRO.

    There are also trainers' notes and a Powerpoint presentation.

    The media rich CD-ROM version requires a multimedia capable PC as it contains video and audio clips.  The multimedia runs from the disk and does not require installation.

    The intranet version is created in HTML, with the video and audio replaced by stills and text to reduce the load on thin-client and other computer networks.

    To Order

    Contact the London Market Insurance Brokers' Committee, BIBA House, 14 Bevis Marks, London EC3A 7NT.  Tel: 0207 623 9043

    Note:  Although produced by Enlightenment Interactive, the insurance brokers' version is only available through LIBC who will advise you of the cost, if any.

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Anti money laundering and proceeds of crime act training materials: interactive CD and e-learning